Hi! I,m Adrian. Nicknamed Kuping by some friends, but I add “Sakti” so it would be more manly. So, there goes the origin of my blog address.

Kuping and Sakti are Indonesian words. Kuping means “Ear”. Sakti means “Mighty”. I just loved to add the “Sakti” word cause a simple “Kuping” is ridiculous. At the beginning, the nickname is only for fun and comedic impressions. But, well, apparently names really do shaped the person. Even nicknames. In later years, I become a person who listen. Listen everything. The stories, the quarrels, the news, the moans, the cries, everything. For me, reading is also a form of listening. That expands my understanding on people even wider.

I am no psychologist, nor am I a sociologist. I don’t see people by some theories. I don’t judge. It’s not because of morale bullshit like, “You shouldn’t judge people!”. It simply drain my energy to judge people or to compare people with some sociology terms or phenomenon. When I listen, I just listen. No thinking. Too much effort. Why would I invest my precious time only to think about people being good or not?

Listening to people is a really fun way of learning. We do realize every single person have different ways of thinking. Another person is a whole other world. Their concept, their views, their way of life, each of them is totally a whole new story. It is by listening that I got some un-orthodox life lessons. It helps me to think in a totally different form, compared with people around me. It helps me to understand a truth through more than one side. It helps me understand conflicts, way of thinking, difference, and so on. This is my way to see people, and so far, I loved this method.

By starting this blog, I made a place to share those findings, those stories that I got since I started listening. Some are opinions, a point of view. Some are stories that I made, some are ideas. This, hopefully, will be my story-storage to be read whenever needed.