This post is an idea of a story. Once, I got trigerred when I see people and the society lately. I see people in other countries, I see people in my country, then I see 9gag, Facebook, Flipboard, my friend’s journal which he publicly post, even social media status of people around me. It is very VERY confusing. Many people suddenly became political pros. Everyone quoting anything from anyone, criticizing everything, complaining any issues possible, making different opinion here and there, and then insulting people who has different ideas than them, etc., etc. Then my imagination started it’s engines. Somehow, it created a character.

It had been twenty minutes. The Director’s coffee had been cold. He just stared at the mug as his mind wondered for no one knows how deep.

He had just finished a meeting with a woman, a chief of a local civil organization. It was a good and long discussion. Actually, he had waited for a whole week before meeting this chief. She was so busy that she got almost no time even for  herself. Normally people need to make a reservation to meet her at least a month before. But when the Director called her personally, she immediately arrange her schedule somehow and got that day as the time of the meeting. She realized how important the meeting was for her own cause.

The Director and his strategist had been planning something big for the city for the last 2 years, involving many people and organizations. So, other than the woman, he still had to meet other persons that Sunday. All of them were influential individuals in the past. They were powerful people that somehow has lost their touch, but constantly trying to gain back their power. They were told separately that the Director have some way to recover their condition. Hearing this, and knowing how wealthy the Director is, almost all of them agreed to meet him immediately. But none of them were given information about the whole plan. Only the Director and his Strategist knows the grand plan.

Their source of problems was basically same : the Mayor.  The city’s recent Mayor is a really difficult man. An honest man and just, but difficult to deal with, especially on the topic of bribery and corruption. He gave zero tolerance on those issues. That’s why so many people adore him, but at the same time even more people hated him. Including the Director. He hates this kind of man. A hypocrite, he would say. The Director has always been a man of logic, and his logic claims that people can always be bought.

From his experience, it had been true all the time. Money is an ultimate weapon. Monetary system, in his honest opinion, was the greatest invention by human beings of all time. Almost all elements of the society orbited around money. The police, the thugs, the judges, the merchants, the executives, even the directors of other big companies, all of them are either powerless against money or also a smart money player just like him. All of them are monetary prisoners, willing to do almost anything to achieve more wealth than before. There was no limit to their ambition. Except that guy. This Mayor had been a real pain in his ass ever since he won the election. There were absolutely no kind of bribery could be used against him. Even when he offered a large sum that could provide his life for as long as his grandchildren’s lives. But no. None of it was effective. Maybe, the Director thought, maybe because the Mayor is from a distant village, that he don’t have the same appetite as urban people for money.

“Well, if he doesn’t want money, I can give them to those who wants,” said the Director to himself one day. And so he began his campaign. He recruited many talented-and-greedy people under his command and started brainwashing them. This people were different than the kind of people he bribed before. This time, he need real talents. He need effective people under his house. Crazy geniuses, influential, strategical, logical, analytical, every talent that the city could possibly have. One person didn’t have to have all of those traits, but have to be the best in one of those. The most influential doesn’t have to be smart. He only had to talk and bring people to join him. He may be blabbering about some real stupid nonsense that the Director couldn’t even imagine. It’s okay. When trouble comes, just let the geniuses cover his ass. Simple. Teamwork.

He feed them with wealth, vision, and entertainment every single day. They become very loyal to him. But, the Director also aware that once his money depleted, they will turn their backs on him. So he hired a great Strategist, recommended by his colleague. With the help of the Strategist and his team of great minds, he developed the grand plan to bring down his nemesis, while at the same time maintaining his own resources.

His attempt to put the Mayor in jail is not just once. The first year after he recruited the Strategist, he can’t even count how many attempts he had done to trick the people and the government to bring the Mayor down by law. It’s a very difficult job, attempting​ to trap an honest man into the court. It could have been​ easier if the Director also have an intel in the government body. But these past 3 years the government has also been filled with dedicated people. His option is really limited. He and his Strategist had to neatly build the grand plan.

After tons of methods they tried and failed, the Strategist constructed a brand new plan to destroy the Mayor. If attacking from outside is difficult, then the other way is to attack from the inside. That means that they have to turn the Mayor’s people against him. It’s theoretically easy. But practically, with trust had been built among the people, it became a 5-star difficult operation. They have to deceive the people step-by-step, progressing cautiously so that no one would know their true intentions. In this phase the Analysts had the most crucial role on the operation. They needed to analyze the people itself. Their current behavior, their current problems, which issues are sensitive among them, and especially the emerging figures among them.

Riot would be a very convenient weapon. Devide et impera was no doubt a genius method of conquering people. If you can’t break 10 chopsticks at the same time, break them piece by piece. Or maybe give the sticks different words to savor, then just sit back and watch them breaking each other. The Strategist realized that somehow, he needed to create a certain condition among the people to let it happen. Riot.

Luckily, with the Mayor’s honest governing, the people became defenseless. They barely could retaliate any attack properly. They thought with this kind of Mayor in town, there wouldn’t be any problem again. They trapped themselves in a cruel box named Safe Zone. The Strategist’s eyes caught this opportunity. Actually, exactly because of this opening that he made his latest plan. They only needed to be patient. They have to move very slowly. There’s nothing to rush though, still 2 years until the next election.

But, the original plan was to cut off the Mayor’s power before his serving time ends. When the Strategist first explained his new plan, of course the Director wasn’t happy at all. He was so upset that he yelled in disbelief. He just can’t take anymore loss. He already lost a lot of profit in his current condition. To wait until the next election is really unthinkable. He would have to be extremely careful to maintain his wealth. Only few mistakes in managing his resources would be more than enough to bring a total collapse of his empire.

But the Strategist was well aware of that. So he explained patiently to the Director why they ned to move slowly. This is a long-term war. He aimed a long-term victory. Short-term success wouldn’t do any good for the future of their faction. With the level of trust the people had to the Mayor, it was very risky to face him head on. They may win a war of brute force, but ultimately there will be no positive results to gain. They will only create enemies from both the government and the people. The current condition demanded the Strategist to use a different approach to solve. They need to know the people itself, then carefully analyze the situation. The Strategist knew really well that a good governing have it’s own weaknesses. Not all decisions made the people happy. Even a really good decision, when they make most of the people happy, will still make a portion of them left unhappy. Their task was to analyze those type of situation, select the sensitive issues carefully, choosing which faction to provoke, and then use them as weapons. There are many possibilities of issues to take, mostly issues that have a deep root on the people’s heart, like race, genders, religions, cultures, or political views. Some other people can even more easily seduced by the temptation of social status. That is why this planning need a great amount of time to execute.

Slowly, the Director began to understand what the Strategist had constructed for him. The grand plan, the way of maintaining resources, even beyond that : to build an image that can attract many people to join their cause without the use of force nor money. Yes, he would have to wait longer to recover, but seeing the results that he could possibly gain, and with that oddly low risk method, that was a really small amount to pay. He can think about recovering his profit later, as long as he can maintain his wealth on a secure position. Then finally, at the end of the Strategist’s presentation, the Director immediately called for the plan to he executed.

Back to the cafe, the Director took a sip from his cup of cold coffee, and then checked his watch. The guys he supposed to meet had been late by 5 minutes now.